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    Individual Counselling Services

    We will start by completing an initial intake and assessment. In the initial assessment, I will get to know you, your experiences, and the challenges you are facing. We will identify what your goals or areas of focus are for therapy – the vision that you have for yourself. Together, we will create a treatment agreement, which will connect your goals and vision with the skills and offerings I hold that might be helpful to you. Once we have established our treatment agreement, we will start with the topic that feels most important to you and explore what’s getting in your way, discovering new pathways to overcome these challenges and live the life you most desire! 

    One of the primary methods I will introduce to you in our sessions is called Brainspotting. Brainspotting is a powerful, focused treatment method that works by identifying, processing and releasing neurophysiological sources of emotional & body based pain, trauma, dissociation and a variety of other challenging symptoms. Brainspotting is particularly effective with trauma-based situations, helping to identify and heal underlying trauma that contributes to anxiety, depression and other emotional and somatic conditions. Brainspotting allows us access to both brain and body processes with its goal to bypass the conscious, neocortical thinking brain to access the deeper, subcortical emotional and body-based parts of the brain.

    Learn about our services below...

    In-Person Counselling

    Counselling offered in our conveniently located office in downtown Victoria. 

    Virtual Counselling

    Counselling offered by secure video platform or by phone. This service is available to all BC residents.

    *All initial consultations are virtual*

    Nature-Based Counselling

    Do you have a favourite park bench or spot by the ocean? Our sessions can be scheduled at these locations at your request.

    *Subject to terms and conditions*