"The mountain is a symbol of strength, perseverance, & resilience, all qualities that reside within you" - Brianna Wiest (The Mountain is You)

Welcome to Summit MindBody Wellness

*Now offering in-person appointments in downtown Victoria*

My belief is that no matter what challenges we experience in life, we all possess an inherent capacity to heal. Sometimes life’s challenges, big or small, become overwhelming to our nervous system and we need outside support to help us heal from these moments. When we do not have the tools or resources to handle the situations we’re presented with, we may experience a myriad of physical and emotional changes in our mind and body. This can show up as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, difficulty sleeping, negative thoughts, low self esteem, or relational conflicts. You may even feel detached from your body, numb, not fully present in your everyday life, or in a constant state of unease or nervousness. This pain can start in early childhood and is built on throughout our life, or it can be a single event that destabilizes our internal resources. It’s important to know that these responses are what have allowed you to get to today, to survive – they are normal responses by the mind and body to abnormal situations.

This is where my therapy services can assist you on your journey towards healing. Together we can identify your sources of stress, process traumatic experiences and negative thought patterns, and help you develop new ways of responding to life’s challenges. Through brain-based somatic therapies, such as Brainspotting, along with more traditional cognitive therapies of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, I can guide you in learning to regulate your nervous system, make lasting changes, and build resilience. I also aim to provide a space for growth, curiosity, and self-discovery. Therapy can be as much about living a more mindful and joyful life, as it is about dealing with its challenges.

Our goal of working together is to get you back to a state of safety and connection in your mind and body, so that you may begin living the life you most desire. I want to thank you for stopping by, and invite you to reach out for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to determine if I am the therapist for you, in this stage of your journey.

About Me

Hello there! I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Rhian and I’m a therapist passionate about helping people heal their mind, body, and spirit. From my perspective, trust is the foundation for a therapeutic relationship that can provide healing, and encourage the sense of relaxation required for our bodies and nervous systems to heal. I integrate compassion, empathy, as well as humour into my practice to provide a space intended to feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe. I understand that life can feel super difficult at times and feel it’s an honour to share space with the people I support. I want to thank you for considering me as someone who can help you on your journey to healing.